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  • Efficient Wide Size. The wider size of the All Natural Wax Applicator Sticks makes getting an ultra smooth finish on skin quick work. Cover larger areas in less time.
  • All Natural Smooth and Clean. The high temperatures of hot wax can cause chemicals in synthetic sticks to leak out. Avoid potential toxins with these 100% Natural Birch Wood NSF certified wax applicator sticks.
  • Excellent Value. With 100 sticks included in each package, you can purchase with that confidence that you are getting the best value for your money
  • Perfect for Multiple Areas. The convenient 6 inch long by ¾ inch wide size of the applicator makes them perfect for removing hair on multiple areas of the body. Use them for the bikini or any other detailed area as well as larger areas such as the arms, legs, or back.

Large Wax Sticks 6"